Current Music Obsessions Because Music Is Life

Anyone who knows me knows that music may be the most important thing in my life. (besides like…super important people, the entire idea of love and I don’t know…carbs.) Music changes everything. It heals. It completes moments. It articulates feelings when we can’t do it ourselves. I thought now would be a good time to share … More Current Music Obsessions Because Music Is Life

I Want To Hold Your Hand, But I’m Afraid You’ll Freak Out

We live in a time where we connect so much through a digital platform that non-sexual physical contact among humans is becoming incredibly rare. There’s even this fear or feeling of being “creeped out” by a simple hand hold or an arm brushing up against ours. I never understood this. In fact, I love personal … More I Want To Hold Your Hand, But I’m Afraid You’ll Freak Out

Just Your Luck

How many times have you heard someone say, “With my luck, *insert trivial daily difficulty* will happen.” Aside from the fact that I don’t really believe in luck, this phrase gets to me more than others. When I think about luck, I think of it as something that solely happens by chance. I view it as this … More Just Your Luck

Go & Love Yourself

I’ve spent a lot of my life just trying to be okay. Trying to feel content. Contentment is an underrated desire, I think. It seems so small. So bland. Like it’s not enough. But, contentment is defined as “a state of peaceful happiness.” We could all use more of that, right? I have suffered the … More Go & Love Yourself

One Year

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the day that turned my world upside down and the starting point of this little writing adventure. On this anniversary, I had no time to cry as my friends kept me occupied and laughing for nearly 24 hours straight. It was truly something incredible. At the end of the day … More One Year