Current Music Obsessions Because Music Is Life

Anyone who knows me knows that music may be the most important thing in my life. (besides like…super important people, the entire idea of love and I don’t know…carbs.)

Music changes everything. It heals. It completes moments.

It articulates feelings when we can’t do it ourselves.

I thought now would be a good time to share with you some of my favorite things in the musical world at the moment.

Some are new. Some are not. It’s just my current mood. Welcome to it.

*Also, all of these artists can be found on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube! Click the song titles to listen on YouTube!

Let’s begin.



I stumbled across this LA-based band about a year ago and have been listening to them almost every day since.

Seriously. Every freaking day.

I saw them live this past fall and let me tell you: it was phenomenal.

They have this super rad pop/punk/youthful vibe.

Some of their songs make me cry, some make me want to go for a long drive in the sunshine with my windows down, some just make me feel plain good.

Some of my favorites include: pink skies, ILYSB, someone else, current location and quit.

I highly suggest you check them out ASAP! This band deserves to be recognized everywhere.



I first heard this band when they opened for Hozier two years ago here in Pittsburgh.

I was actually ashamed I had never heard of them sooner.

They create the type of music that makes you contemplate.

When I’m feeling stagnant, their music is thought provoking and insightful. And just really good.

There’s a grungy honesty to lead singer Taylor Goldsmith’s voice that pairs with a really beautiful sense of vulnerability.

Some of my favorite songs include: All Your Favorite Bands, Things Happen, Stories Don’t End and Most People.

Go listen right meow.

Jake Bugg


Almost three years ago I spent an uncomfortably hot evening at the Pittsburgh Art’s Festival at Point State Park to peruse the incredible display of local art.

Though the art was stunning, the real prize was getting a FREE live performance from Jake Bugg.

I was blown away by his original songs and the interesting vocals that escaped from that tiny body.

His voice was filled with angst, aggression, raw truth and glimpses of pain.

He produces the types of songs that make me wonder what he had been through in his life to have created such poignant songs at such a young age.

Some of my favorite songs include: Two Fingers, Broken, Song About Love, Simple As This and Me and You.

If you’re feeling kind of moody, give him a go.

Mario Spinetti


I mean. This really should have been its own blog post because this man is everything, but I’ll try to keep it concise.

I first heard Mario perform when I was just 14 years old.

I was at a summer dance intensive in New York City and my life was completely changed when I had the honor of taking a class accompanied by Mario.

I heard this hauntingly beautiful voice and instinctively started crying. As did the rest of my fellow dancers.

I was just a teenager. I seriously had no idea why I was crying. It was just this visceral response. I had zero control.

To this day when I hear his voice, I swear I cry almost every single time.

Mario has a way of enveloping me in whatever it is that he’s feeling just by sharing his craft.

Everything he produces is filled with honesty and dripping with the love in his heart.

His versatility is astounding as he produces funky pop beats, soulful ballads and effortlessly flawless classical pieces.

He is a masterful cover artist as well as a genius producer of his own original music.

One might say I’m biased because he’s not only one of my favorite artists on the planet, but one of my favorite people.

I assure you, his voice will elicit something in you that you may not have known existed.

He is pure magic in every way. And such a light in my life.

Some of my favorite songs include: Naked, Harbor Lights, Amen To The People, Live To Tell, High With You, It Ain’t Me Babe and I Will Be Yours.

To keep up with Mario’s music, follow him on his Facebook page right here!

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