Stop Being A Bad Water Droplet In Our Universal Ocean

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Okay, no. This is not about the ocean at all, really. But, get ready for some serious metaphors.

In a previous piece, I mentioned a friend who asked me what I thought the world needed the most. I said empathy.

Now, I’d like to share with you what he thought the world needed more of.

He told me that something in him wants to dispel the myths of separateness.

Then, recently, I was in a conversation with someone completely different. Our conversation found its way to the idea of humankind and how we find harmony among the chaos.

He looked bewildered as he told me that we just need to acknowledge our connections.

It was like he couldn’t fathom this idea of separateness. Or how anyone can’t realize that we are all united.

It’s always so refreshing to come across people who think and feel this way.

It was so simple to both of them, as it is to me. There is a way to create peace. We need to connect.

Because we are not separate.

This. This is profound as we navigate into a time where we’re desperate for unity.

A time where people are choosing not to recognize ourselves within one another.

And how perfect this idea of connectivity pairs with empathy, as empathy is our willingness to exist on the same wavelength as another individual.

It’s when we take on whatever it is that someone else is feeling.

It’s what creates a connection.

When I investigated this further, the more I realized that we just need to make the choice of recognition. A choice to open your mind and heart, rather than just your eyes.

An intentional willingness to accept whatever is offered to you.

But, for most, that’s not what we do. It’s not how we operate.

We see differences! We habitually choose to point out what makes someone unlike us rather than the same.

It’s this idea of living life on the surface. Never taking the time to pull back the curtain to someone’s soul.

How can we recognize our similarities if we’re only looking with our eyes?

If we’re only seeing skin, hair, teeth, clothes? If we’re only hearing the sound of someone’s voice rather than what they’re actually saying?

And what I’m saying isn’t even groundbreaking! And it isn’t the source of all of our problems, but it’s important. And true.

But, what are we afraid of? Is it so difficult to create an openness?

I like to think of us all existing in one Universal mind-space. Maybe a giant ocean where we’re all one droplet making up the entire body of water.

Now, there is a lot of science to back this sort of thing up. Quantum physics proves the connection of one atom to another. They’re exploring physical proof of our connections that started with Einstein’s idea of Quantum Entanglement.

I don’t even need that (but, it’s super cool…if this interests you, look it up).

It can be put as plainly as the “cause and effect theory.” Or the expression, “You reap what you sow.”

We are all putting our vibrations out into space, right? That’s what our moods or energies translate into. These vibrations.

We’re kind. We’re angry. We’re inspirational. We’re pessimistic.

Each of us are putting something into our Universal ocean.

So, why don’t we just put good things out?

If you’re the droplet of water next to me, you’ll only benefit from my kindness.

Where you’ll just as profoundly squander from my anger.

What we give to this Universal consciousness is what we become.

We know this! We know that what we put out into the world comes back to us just as much as it influences others.

Smiles are contagious and all that.

Well. Here it is.

If we know that our actions, words, emotions, energies, or whatever the hell you believe in are sent out into space and shared with other beings, why aren’t we more careful?

Whether you believe in God, The One, The Buddha, Allah, or absolutely nothing it all, it doesn’t matter.

We are all here on this Earth existing within each other’s mind-space.

If you don’t believe we’re connected, you’re likely to be less cognizant of the energy you’re sending out to the rest of us.

So, there you’ll be. Reveling in what you consider to be “bad luck,” where really it’s your acceptance of low vibrations.

Also. Here’s this:

Every day I receive a note from The Universe via email. (Click here to start getting them! They’ll change your life!)

At the end of every email, it reads: “Thoughts become things…choose the good ones!”

We don’t give our thoughts enough credit because they seem intangible. But, that’s where we’re so wrong!

Our thoughts become our reality in every way possible.

At the end of the day, I just hope you remember that you are a magnificent piece to the puzzle that is our world.

That you are capable of actually influencing a change towards goodness.

That being open will not only change the lives of others, but will allow your heart to grow beyond your expectations.

Choose kindness. Spread love. Open your heart.

Emily Perrott, The Sunflower Child

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