Words of Women

16831304_10208529702948400_1349360062_nThis, my friends, is Words of Women. And it is my current favorite thing in cyber land.

This platform is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of the wisest words said by women of the past and present.

The founder and creator of the brand started noticing a trend on social media. She saw this overwhelming amount of negativity towards women whether it be from strangers, boyfriends or the pressure to maintain the looks of a celebrity.

She said, “I just wanted something on Instagram that negated all that. Something you could scroll past and finally feel really good about yourself.”

Mission accomplished. Throughout my daily scrolls through IG, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see quotes from some of history’s most brilliant female minds.

The account quickly grew as it now has over 45K followers on Instagram.

The Words of Women website is a hub filled with advice for women, crucial moments for women over history and so much more.

You can learn about Misty Copeland’s influence on the world of ballet as she became the first African American female principal at ABT. Or how the lunar eclipse brings an opportunity for change and growth within the female soul.


Words of Women address us women in all of our glory. They celebrate the characteristics that make us women, tackle the truth about womanhood and remind us why we should be damn proud of our femininity. They encourage self love and acceptance.

We don’t need to make excuses for who we are. We shouldn’t have to apologize for our tears or be afraid to wear the dress that fashion magazines say won’t flatter our figure.



Words of Women is more than just an Instagram account filled with inspirational quotes. It’s the raw truth. It is a place where women are recognized as the warriors they are. We are.

And wait there’s more. My favorite part: the newsletter!

When I see an email from Words of Women in my inbox, I stop whatever I’m doing to read, as I am never left without my thoughts being provoked and a desire to self-reflect.

I’m instantly engaged and inspired by the words I receive whether they’re about my weekly horoscope or the incredible words of Apple’s vice president of retail, Angela Ahrendts.

Join me, and the rest of the Words of Women family, and start receiving your newsletter by clicking here.

I’m so grateful for my friends over at Words of Women for being a profound voice for the female population in a time where our voices are desperate to be heard.

Thank you for providing women with the hope, kindness and acceptance they deserve.

You can subscribe, follow and like on the Words of Women website, Instagram and Facebook!

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