If Today Was Your Last…

We’ve all heard the expression, “Live each day as if it’s your last.” There have been countless songs about it. We get it. Live today as if you aren’t getting a tomorrow.

The reason so many people stress the importance of this concept is so we don’t leave this planet wishing we had done more. Wishing we had taken a chance. Wishing we had left our mark.

Living with no regrets.

I completely agree with that notion and I follow it as closely as I can.

With that said, I have another angle for you.

A new perspective I found after losing someone.

I’ll warn you that my perspective may be slightly more morbid, but it isn’t meant to be so.

Stick with me, here. These next few lines take a few twists and turns, but the ending is sweet. Promise.

When you leave this planet and travel on to whatever afterlife you may or may not believe in, it’s no longer about how you feel.

All that’s left is your memory and the people who loved you.

They are the ones who will keep your spirit alive.

They will keep loving you, missing you, crying for you and trying to manage life without you.

When you lose someone close to you, you cling on to everything you possibly can that involves them. Final words, objects, smells, text messages. Anything.

You may have a favorite sweater.

You may have a final text message that said “I love you.”

You may have the sound of their voice as he or she sang in the car to your favorite song.

Whatever it may be, it’s something that keeps you from spiraling downhill when you start to miss them.

Have you ever thought of what people may have from you if you were gone today? Even if it’s 100 years from now. What kind of impression are you leaving behind?

These scenarios are what made me realize that living every day like it’s your last shouldn’t just be for yourself, it should be for who you leave behind.

My mother died quickly and without much preparation, but she still left me with beautiful words. Incredible memories. An overwhelming amount of cardigans that smelled so sweetly of her perfume.

I found myself searching for text messages. Looking for her handwriting on old birthday cards. Trying to remember the thousands of life lessons she gave me over the years.

I had them all. She lived a life that filled mine with so much to cherish, and it wasn’t because she knew she was going to die.

It was just who she was.

Do you live your life that way?

Do you tell the people in your life that you love them every chance you get?

When you’re gone, they’ll be the ones clinging onto all of your words.

This isn’t something we like to think about, but it isn’t something that needs to be morbid either.

It’s hard to think of the people you love so much living without you.

But if you love them enough, you would want to do anything you could to help them make their way through a life without you.

They may never need to live without you. That doesn’t matter, you see?

Live it as if they will.

Treat people with kindness.

Spread love with every chance you get.

When you feel something, say it.

Don’t hold anything back.

Give the world something to cherish forever.

That should be what we all want!

It isn’t about leaving your mark so you’re remembered.

It’s about leaving your mark so your love is felt when someone needs it the most, so your smile can still brighten someone’s day when you aren’t there to show it, so your words can push someone along when you’re no longer there to say it to them.

When you journey through this life, live it as if the people around you will never see you again.

Check your text messages.

Are you happy with your most recent conversations to all of the ones you love?

Would you be okay with leaving them with those words?

Be honest, be kind, be loyal.

Be the person you would need if you were at your lowest.

Live today like it’s your last.

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