A Thirst For Knowledge

Today, I’m not writing about loss, hope or keys to finding happiness. Though the topic I’m covering has the potential to enrich all aspects of your life, I’m just throwing an idea out there to get you thinking.

I had a professor who once asked this question: Are any of our thoughts, ideas, concepts, creations, etc. completely organic? Essentially, she wanted us to decide just how original humans are capable of being. I immediately decided that nothing we do is completely organic. Then I had to explain why…which was because I believe that we are constantly being influenced by our surroundings, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Lucky for you, this post isn’t to debate whether humans can create organically or not, but it will lead me to my point.

This same professor spent the next four years constantly asking me, “Why?” Every opinion, movement choice, artistic creation and answer I provided ended with her asking me why I made the choices I made, or why I felt the way I did.  She repeatedly asked really important questions and insisted on much more than a “yes” or “no” response. I learned to think really critically about absolutely every  choices I made or opinions I formed. I became so accustomed to digging deeper into my own self, that by the end of my college education, I was the one asking for more information. I felt eager to get to the root of topics, and I wanted to understand pretty much everything on a deeper level.

You’re probably still wondering where I’m going with this. The point is that the older I got, the more I wanted to learn about the world and everything in it. Those of you who don’t know me could probably guess that I’m quite the chatter box. Well, you’re right…I am. But, over the past few years I have started listening. I listen more in daily conversations, I read more and most importantly, I ask more. When I learn something new, I feel the world around me become much more interesting.

No matter your age, it’s important to remember that we are meant to continue learning until the day we die. Thinking you have nothing left to learn can leave you feeling unfulfilled. We should never plateau when it comes to the content we allow into our minds. The world is changing, and it is only right that we learn something new about it every step of the way.

More often than not, you’ll probably listen to opinions that you don’t agree with. Those can be the best ones, because they can teach you the most about yourself.  Obtaining different perspectives on life (whether it be religion, music, taste in food, medicine, etc.) will lead you to a better understanding of your own perspectives. Never lose a thirst for knowledge, because the more knowledge you have about “stuff,” the more you will know about yourself, and your relationship with yourself is more important than you may think.

I encourage you to ask “why?” as often as you can. Challenge yourself to sometimes listen, more than you speak. The world has so much to offer. Take every piece of information you possibly can and use it to create the person you are. Let your opinions grow and most importantly, don’t be afraid to let them change. Keep your mind open and free to obtain information. Not every opinion will match yours, but I guarantee every opinion will teach you something. I hope you will surprise yourself with how much an abundance of information about seemingly unimportant topics can positively influence your life!

Sending much love from my soul to yours,

The Sunflower Child

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