The Art of Reacting

A director I used to work with always said, “Acting is the art of reacting.” Well, if you’ve ever acted, you know how true that is. How does this relate to anything I could possibly help you with? I’ll explain.

We live in a world where people love to dwell on their “bad luck,” or constantly ask themselves “why me?” I’d be lying if I said I never slipped into the “why me?” mindset…or why her? But, I quickly pull myself away from that question, because why anyone? The world doesn’t turn for us as individuals, so it’s a little selfish to think the universe, the gods or whomever are plotting against you personally. If that were the case, your life would probably be a lot worse than it is and all of ours would be a lot better. As I say all too often: it could ALWAYS be worse. So we should try to stray away from the “why me?” or “I swear this sort of bad thing ONLY happens to me” kind of mindsets. We all have stress, we all have sadness, we all have problems! But, some let the problems bring them down, while others accept the challenges and learn from them.

Life isn’t about the things that happen to us, it’s about how we respond to these things. I believe that whole heartedly. Our reactions define who we are as individuals. Take life’s moments, and use them to shape who you are. Ideally, you will use the moments in a way that will benefit you and maybe others. Our journey on this planet is one ongoing lesson. If you take every hardship, or incident of “bad luck” (FYI: I don’t really believe in luck, which is why I quote it) and strategically react to it, you can end up on top of even the most crippling situations. It’s up to you.

When you come across someone who really inspires you, it’s not because something good or bad happened to them, it’s because they responded in an admirable way. There are inspirational figures all around us. We understand why we look up to them, but yet we don’t emulate their spirit.

Don’t simply accept the moments as they come by. Take them and let them influence you. React to them in a way that makes you a better person. Generic quote time: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” That’s only true if you let it be. Some people let the hard times swallow them, which is when a moment defines who you are. If you look at every moment, good or bad, as a way to grow, you will see your character evolving into something more strong and stable.

LIFE is the art of reacting. React positively. React with grace. React with determination. React in a way that will make others wonder how you did it. You can do it! It’s not easy, but in the end, it makes going through life much easier. Here’s to you and your moments!

Sending much love from my soul to yours,

The Sunflower Child

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