The Letting Go

I am 100% certain that there are people in our lives whose energy influences us more drastically than we realize. Knowing that, I have begun cutting ties with the sour energy and embracing the sweet. Simply letting it all go. While you may have heard some of these things on a thousand articles or blog posts, I’m coming at you from first hand experience. These aren’t fabricated ideas that sound quintessential in my head, they are honest concepts that I practice daily; especially these past few weeks as my life has been turned tragically upside down.

On one of my lower days, a friend of mine (who has experienced far worse than I could have ever imagined) was helping me “get through it,” for lack of a better phrase. He simply said, “Lean on the people you can trust and forget the people you can’t.” Throughout everything I have experienced, that advice has proven to be incredibly valuable again, again and again. It’s an easy concept to comprehend, but why is it so hard to act upon it?

Here’s why. Personally, I choose to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. As humans, we see what we want to see. We put up with mediocre relationships (romantic, friendships, etc.) because we cling on to that little bit of hope that they will magically turn into the person we desperately want them to be. The sad truth is that for the most part, people don’t change. There are people surrounding us who would walk through fire for us, but yet we crave the attention from that certain person who continues to let us down.

I was (and sometimes still am) that person. The good news is that I took that advice and started to end relationships that weren’t giving me the type of consideration I knew I deserved. My parents often said, “Know your worth.” I encourage you to know YOUR worth! Vanishing people you deeply care for is painful, but if the care is unrequited, it must be done. I cried, a lot, and was certain I couldn’t go on without these people who were providing such little positive energy to my life. Every day I got stronger and found myself significantly happier. I was sleeping better and smiling more and I realized I didn’t need support from people who weren’t willing to put forth the effort I was putting towards them. They created more stress than I realized. After that, I was able to let the people who were trying so hard to care for me from the beginning into my life.

Moral of the story: realize that you DO deserve better. There are some incredible people in this world who are willing to love you the way you deserve to be loved. There are also those people we think the world of, but can’t return the time and effort we are willing to give to them. Let go of the relationships that disappoint you. Let go of the relationships you lose sleep over. Let go of the relationships that put knots in your stomach and aches in your heart every time they don’t pull through for you.

It’s hard. I’m not going to tell you it was facile, but I am going to tell you that I am living proof that the merriment you deserve is within your reach if you’re willing to stretch your arm a little farther than you thought you could. Stretch it out and cut the ties with the negativity you know is there, even though you HATE to admit it. Find your happiness. In the end, it’s completely up to you.

Sending much love from my soul to yours,

The Sunflower Child

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